He'll realize the only thing that's real are

the kids that kid themselves

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So, I may have gotten irrationally excited when I saw the words "College AU" and "Klaine" in the same post.

And then I saw that it was a quasi-sequel to One-Eighty By Summer, which I happened to like quite a lot, and nearly hyperventilated from excitement.

Yes, I do have a problem.

Basically, he has a Kurt journal--a platonic Kurt journal. Yes. -- I laughed out loud. Platonic indeed, my dear Blaine.

I'd be willing to beta for you if you want. jsyk. :)

*loves you forever already*
Hey, no, your problem is the best compliment ever. haha. (I understand Klaine-irrationality along with you bb.)
I'm so glad you enjoyed One-Eight By Summer, too!

And I'd be forever grateful if you did! It's ridiculous how bad I am at understanding how this works though, so I'm going to message you with my questions if that's alright ha.

Ooh! This looks like it's going be fun.

Let's hope so! (I should probably write the second chapter now then, right? ha)
Thank you for reading! :D

Love this! I was so super excited to see that it was a sequel to 180 by summer! Plus I love college!Klaine :D Can't wait to see more!

Aw, sweet! I'm so glad you liked that one, too!
College!Klaine is one of my favorite types of Klaine as well.
Thanks for reading. :)

I loved One-Eighty by Summer, so the fact that you've sort of sequeled on from it is awesome. You write really well and I seriously love this already. More. Moooooooore.

And thank you so much, really. You've made my night. :D
I'll post the next chapter within the next two days if possible (you know, RL and all...)

I'm glad you think so! Thanks for reading. :)

Okay, so I'm totally strapped in for this college AU ride. It's even better since it's a follow up to a fic I really wanted a follow up to. Basically, there is no bad.

Okay, first, I'm memorized by their hands in your icon. They really should be together just based on their hand attraction, you know? *stops*

Thank you so much, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the other one, too. I hope it continues to be alright!

All right and then some! And this icon always makes me think their hands are going to look wonderful holding each other instead of coffee cups.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes.
Their hands are going to look so. good. together. /endcreeper

OMG!! This is why I hate wips, because I want it all now! I'm like Veruca Salt. A bad egg who wants it all at once.

I LOVE THIS!!! You are a magical being. I like this concept and I can't wait for all the angst I'm sure is going to come :D

THE GENTLEMEN! Such a good episode.

I know! I hate WIPs, too. I'm sorry. D: But I'll luckily have you know that I always push my entire life aside for Klaine, so the next chapter will be coming as soon as my lazy fingers write it!

And thanks so much for reading. Angst is on the way!

Ooooh. Highly promising. I just read the prequel too and I feel for Kurt and his accidental drunken blowjob. D:

But this is awesome so far! I can't wait to see what direction they go in!

I have a semi-unrelated question. I'm assuming (potentially incorrectly) that you are or have been a college student. You mentioned that Blaine is only taking three classes while Kurt is taking five. At my school, the absolute minimum amount of classes you can take is four, five is about average, I'm taking six, and my friend is taking seven next semester. I have a friend at a different school where the average is four and five is over-reaching, so I thought that we just had different systems, but is my school just really weird?


Thank you very much, and thanks for reading the other one, too! I'm happy you like it so far. :)

And yes, I am currently a student. And lol, I'm not sure if your school is weird! I'm sure it's not, bb.

But three to four classes is pretty normal between the people I know. At my school anyway, all you need to be a full time student is 12 credits, and so I'm currently taking 3 four credit classes, so... idk. :/
I just know that three classes makes for obvious free time (hence my devotion to this community/no life.) But you do make a good point, I don't want Blaine to seem as lazy/unsure of career-life as I am! haha.
(And duude, six classes? That's insane! I wish you luck/sanity!)

I think I'm going to unnecessarily assign them classes, and will probably change Blaine to 4/Kurt to 6, because really, it stands out less that way.
Thanks for bringing that up!

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that it was wrong or anything, I've just been asking other people the same question, trying to figure out what the norm is. This school is skewing my perception of things. /:

Well, most of the courses here are three credits each. Maybe that explains it... I'm currently taking a total of 20 credits, five three-credit courses and one 5-credit course. TBH, I'll probably tank Anthropology because I don't care about that class at all, I'm just trying to get my gen eds out of the way. Good thing I'm taking it pass/fail.

Maybe I am crazy. I'm only taking five classes next semester, though. Hopefully, I live long enough to get that far. D:

20 credits? 0_o Oy, jeez. Cheesus bless you.
I HATE my anthro class! Sorry. I'm really excited that I know others now that share a disinterest in the class. (It's not that it's not an interesting subject, it's just so. boring.)

Klaine hasn't happened yet! That's enough of an incentive to live!


Btw, sorry I'm responding like way late to everything. My email doesn't deign to inform me when I receive LJ messages until four days after it's happened.

Yeah, I mean my anthro professor is nice enough, but I don't care about any of the terms and I don't want to know them. Reading the textbook is a waste of my time, so I just don't do it. I somehow got a B on my midterm without giving a fuck, though. We'll see if I get that lucky on the final...

THAT'S SO WEIRD. It totally has and we didn't knowwww! Haha. I'm so happy right now. How joyous. (Looks like there's no longer an incentive to live though! D:)
It's weird still going with this story, because now all I want to do is write pukable-fluffy stories regarding post-2x16, but I am determined to finish this ha. Chapter 3 almost donneee.

S'all good. Livejournal's been acting weird for me, too, lately. bleh.

Dude, wow, are you me? I also don't care, think the textbook is a waste of time, and also got a B on my midterm! lol. Nine chapters worth of information crammed into a 40 minute study session right before taking the exam.
I predict we both get A++'s.

Oh, look at that. You did post a second chapter. Guess who's out of it? It's me.

Dude, I now have even more incentive to live. I have to live long enough to see their wedding, of course. :D

Well, we have 2 textbooks, sorta. There's the one that I don't care about and I don't read and then there's one full of articles that we have to read for our discussion class every week and those are interesting, usually, I just don't give a shit about applying the terms we "learned" from the other book to the articles. Like, at all.

Lol maybe. I'm actually your long-lost twin. Ta da.

But seriously, I am not getting an A of any sort. I got a B on the essay I passed in last week and along with the B on my midterm I think I've set a fairly acceptable precedent. I'm willing to accept any passing grade because it won't affect my GPA.

For the long run, I just made a set of flashcards online with all of the pointless vocab and studied it for a little while. So, I put in the minimum amount of effort. Go me.

Their wedding... How adorable to think. I would hope that they at least break-up once though to try to see other people, but then realize that they are endgame together, and then all is well in the end. haha.

Yeah, maybe we just have bad professors. Because anthropology itself seems pretty okay, but honestly, I'm just on the community the entire time she's talking ha. Pointless vocab is pointless.
But passing grades with minimum effort ftw! Always, always.

Hooray for laziness! But seriously, I hope they get married. Like, when the series eventually ends, we need some sort of epilogue episode where they get married like ten years (or less) in the future.

I was thinking about that earlier today! Part of me wants to see them get married, but the other half of me just wants to know that they'll be together in the end but just imagine them living their years in happiness without showing it lol. Or not.
But yes, they really should do an epic playback of all the best Klaine moments to the best love song and have some moments be in black/white...ALL of that. Yes.

LOL. That is so cheesy and I LOVE IT.

I love that gif. So much. And you, yes.
Thanks so much for reading/enjoying it so far!

Kurt putting on a cool expression and then going wtfoufvzhdrgfudfghd5rt8sdf*3! when he's out the door?

I'm in love.

Aw, thank you so much, I'm glad you like it so far. <3

What a lovely ending. All this cute banter was making me confused. I can only settle for bitchy Kurt. And just realized I love college AUs.

Thank you very much! And yes, I'll try to keep with an independent/slightly bitchy side of Kurt, but mainly he just won't fall victim to Blaine's dapperly ways just yet (and to be fair, this Blaine is far from dapper.)

I figured A) I'm in college, B) I love Kurt/Blaine, and C) I love wasting time writing fiction, so it equaled this ha.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh excellent start! can't wait to read more

Thank you. <33 I'll try to be regular about the posting!

His heart beat is the only thing he hears for three minutes straight.

So let me see if I understand this correctly...

Years have passed and Blaine continues to be an oblivious, flirty dick to Kurt?!


[Sarcasm] Just how I fantasied Kurt's life to be years from now... /sarcasm

(Please let Kurt be happy... pretty, pretty please...)

*waits impatiently for part two*

Yes, yes, I'm sorry. :(
He will be happy! Shortly! I guess I should have told people that read the first story first that over the summer they still didn't end up being boyfriends ha.

He just can't help the way Blaine makes him feel, you see...
And yes, Blaine is a dick. It'll get addressed ha.

But don't worry, happy Kurt is on the way. I promise. It just might be angst-filled happiness until things smooth out.

don't worry, happy Kurt is on the way. I promise.

*smiley face*

31 and one half hours 'til a new episode of Glee!!

*glares at time* Y u no move faster, time?
I think I want a watch that specifically just tells me what time it is until the next Glee.

Someone asks you what time it is: "Well, sorry, friend. I don't know the exact time, but right now it's 2 days, 7 hours, 36 minutes, and 14 seconds away from the next Glee, so..."

But yes, happy Kurt and all that good stuff. The kid is too amazing to not get a happy-ending.

I hate to be so petty...but I actually look forward to the "yes, vindication timezzz!!" that I can see in the horizon.

As long as they are not so cruel? And not so long? And-and- *squirms* But on the other hand...yes yes yes, angst, such a fine thing.

With you as the author, I am so in for this, so ready for this ride. The way you introduced both POVs was a marvelous contrast, and the way this short intro ended was fabulous.

Kurt's final emotionless expression!! So proud of bb right now. Don't fold, Kurt. You deserve someone building up imaginary sand castles for you now. You already played charming (lol but naive and awkward) suitor for enough time.

And Blaine...oh Blaine, how come one kiss is rocking your world? Sir ex-warbler, I hope your reasoning and emotions run deeper than that.

*realizes she's rambling* SO, thanks so much I love you and your story and look forward to more!!

Gosh, you are going to kill me with your awesome comments. Thank you so, so much!

And haha. Blaine is in for a rough patch of the angstiest (not a word, but I'm making it one!) times in his young ex-warbler life. They did not prepare him for Kurt Hummel, no sir.

Vindication on the way, bb. Followed by angst, followed by love, followed by fluff, love, and all its verses...

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